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Mortal kombat the unlimited fighting game is an American media centered of series video game’s 🎮 originally developed by midway game in the year 1992,the games has high levels of graphics, violence including most notable.  The mortal kombat puts you in control of the characters you can choose one player to fight challenge either single player or multiplayer mode between the other’s player’s. 

As you fight in more combat your characters will gain grow gradually you can add new characters to boost you component in forn of character and card that have to unlocked. 
Mortal kombat is one o the best alternatives fighting video game category and with suitable  control handle, the graphics are so good mortal kombat have 2 round of play with rival and also have brutality and fatality mode. 
The mortal kombat has many player’s fighter’s such as *noob, sub zero, subzero ninja, Ermac, reptiles, sonya, kitana, kano, liu kang, sindel,  motaro, jade, skirtel, kabal, scorpion, smoke, cyrax, mileena, rain, jax,  and boss shang tsung known as shokhan. 

*About mortal kombat
*Game mode
*Name of fighter’s 
*Game information 
*Download likombat
*Game name: mortal kombat
*Genre: Action/Adventure 
*Platforms: PlayStation, xbox, iso, Android 
*Requirements : Android version 4.0+
*Language : English +44
*Game size 1.2GB

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