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Modern combat 5 also known as modern combat blackout the game was published in the year 2014 became the fifth in modern combat video games series the was developed by gameloft. modern combat is a first  person shooter inspired like call of duty saga, the modern combat also has single player made is among the one most downloaded games for genre games platform we used to call it shooter’ shooting general always need tremendous popularity especially the first perspective person. 

The modern combat 5 is also striking dramatic first person shooter in every usual aspect. Modern combat impressives graphics and the game sound is good at the number of playing and also with heavy soumd of explosive device on the screen a powerful online mode for a good player’s.

*About modern combat 5
*Graphics and sound 
*Game information 
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NAME: modern combat 5
CATEGORY :Action/Adventure 
REQUIREMENTS: Android version 4.0+
LANGUAGE :English +43
AUTHOR :Gameloft


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