FIFA Mobile Beta 24: Download the Latest Version

The developers at EA Sports have been hard at work crafting the next major update to the popular mobile football simulator, and FIFA Mobile BETA 24 is now available to download. With new features like an overhauled Chemistry system, additional skill games to test your talents, and dynamic weather effects that impact how matches play out, this update aims to make the game even more realistic and challenging. Whether you prefer building your Ultimate Team, competing in Attack Mode, or working your way through a full 15-minute match, FIFA Mobile BETA 24 has something for every football fan and skill level. Read on to discover all the details about this exciting new update and how it can enhance your experience with the beautiful game. The pitch awaits – are you ready to rise to the challenge?

FIFA Mobile Beta 24: Download the Latest Version

To experience the latest gameplay and features, you’ll want to download the FIFA Mobile Beta 24 update. Here’s how:

  1. Ensure your device meets the minimum requirements. The Beta version of FIFA Mobile is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later, with at least 2GB of RAM. Older devices may experience performance issues.
  2. Check for the update in the App Store or Google Play Store. The Beta update will appear as “FIFA Mobile Football” with the version number 24.0. Select “Update” or “Install.”
  3. The update may take several minutes to download depending on your Internet connection. We recommend connecting to a Wi-Fi network. The file size is approximately 1.2GB.
  4. Once the update has installed, open the FIFA Mobile app. You may need to select “Update” again within the app to apply the latest changes. The game will restart.
  5. The Beta version contains new Live Events, updated player stats and rosters, refreshed gameplay, and various optimizations. Please note that your current Legacy Team and progress will carry over. However, there may still be bugs, so we value your feedback.
  6. To provide feedback, go to Settings > Help & Support in the app and select “Submit Feedback.” Please include your device details and description of the issue. All reports help us continue improving the FIFA Mobile experience.

We hope you enjoy the latest FIFA Mobile Beta 24 update. Let the games begin!

New Game Modes in FIFA Mobile 24

As an avid FIFA Mobile player, you’ll be excited to experience the new features in the latest update, FIFA Mobile Beta 24. Several new game modes have been introduced to provide more variety and challenge.

New Tournament Mode

A new tournament mode allows you to compete against AI or human opponents in a bracket-style tournament. You can participate in weekly featured tournaments with unique rules and rewards or create your own custom tournaments. This introduces more competitive play and opportunities to win valuable rewards.

Interactive Training

An interactive training mode has been added to help you improve your skills. You can practice dribbling, passing, shooting and defending through a series of drills and challenges. Earn stars by completing challenges to unlock more advanced drills. This hands-on practice in a low-pressure environment is ideal for developing your techniques and muscle memory before applying them in actual matches.

Women’s Football

For the first time, you can play as women’s national football teams. Choose from 12 women’s international teams, including powerhouses like the USA, Germany and France. Women’s teams can compete in all the same modes as men’s teams – play friendly matches, compete in tournaments, or challenge other players online. The inclusion of women’s football is an important step towards making the game more inclusive and diverse.

With these new additions, FIFA Mobile Beta 24 provides an even more engaging experience for football fans of all levels. Sharpen your skills, test your mettle in competitive modes, or try your hand at managing a women’s national team. The latest update has something for everyone.

Improved Graphics and Gameplay in FIFA Mobile BETA 24

FIFA Mobile BETA 24 brings significant improvements to graphics and gameplay. The latest update delivers an even more authentic football experience on your mobile device.

Enhanced Graphics

The graphics in FIFA Mobile BETA 24 have been enhanced to provide ultra-realistic player models and animations. Stadiums and pitch environments look more lifelike than ever before. Additional details like dynamic weather effects, enhanced lighting, and richer color palettes make the visuals almost indistinguishable from a console. These upgraded graphics create an immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re watching a live football match.

Smoother Gameplay

FIFA Mobile BETA 24 gameplay feels smoother and more responsive. The controls have been optimized to make dribbling, passing, and shooting feel more natural. Players move, turn, and react faster on the pitch. The ball physics have also been improved to enable more precise shots, crosses, and through balls. Tackling and defending are more intuitive, allowing you to make split-second reactions to win back possession.

Authentic Team Styles

Each team in FIFA Mobile BETA 24 has an authentic playing style modeled on their real-world counterparts. Teams have been programmed with customized tactics, formations, and player behaviors that reflect how they approach matches in reality. Playing against different teams will require adapting your strategy and skills to overcome their unique style of play. This level of detail brings a whole new dimension of strategy and challenge to each match.

Additional Modes and Features

FIFA Mobile BETA 24 introduces additional game modes like Online Friendlies, Manager Mode, and Virtual Pro. There are also extra features such as live content updates, leaderboards, and social sharing options. The latest update has something for football fans of all kinds to enjoy. Experience the excitement of football wherever you go with the most advanced FIFA Mobile yet.


Upgraded Stadiums and Kits

Improved Stadium Designs

FIFA Mobile BETA 2024 features upgraded designs for all the stadiums to provide an even more immersive experience. The enhanced details include higher resolution textures, more realistic turf, and improved lighting effects. The stadiums now also feature dynamic banners, flags and crowd animations to make the atmosphere feel alive.

Authentic Team Kits

All the kits for clubs and national teams have been updated to match the latest 2024 designs. The kits now feature higher definition logos and sponsor graphics for maximum realism. Some additional alternate and retro kits have also been added to provide more variety.

Dynamic Player Faces

Player likenesses have been improved with higher resolution textures and enhanced details for over 17,000 players. Wrinkles, facial hair, and other distinctive features are rendered with pinpoint accuracy. The dynamic player faces are designed to show a range of emotions and reactions based on events happening during the match.

Enhanced Commentary

The commentary has been expanded with over 30 hours of new dialog discussing team tactics, player attributes, and reactions to match events. The commentary sounds even more natural and helps to build the atmosphere during gameplay. You can now choose from English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish commentary options.

Additional Leagues

Two new leagues have been added in FIFA Mobile BETA 2024: the Chinese Super League and the Indian Super League. This provides more opportunities for building unique squads with players from Asia. Both leagues feature authentic team names, kits, and rosters with over 500 new players added to the game.

With all these upgrades to stadiums, kits, player details, and more, FIFA Mobile BETA 2024 offers the most immersive football experience yet on mobile. Experience the thrill of the world’s game on the go with bigger and better features in the latest update.

New Skill Moves and Celebrations Added

FIFA Mobile Beta 24 introduces new skill moves and celebration animations to enhance the realism of the gameplay experience.

New Skill Moves

  • The latest update provides players with additional skill moves to execute, including:
  • Stepovers: Quickly move the ball from one foot to the other to beat a defender. Tap the skill button then swipe left or right.
  • Heel flick: Use your heel to flick the ball over the head of an oncoming defender. Tap the skill button then swipe down.
  • Rabona fake: Pretend to cross the ball with one leg behind the other to confuse opponents. Tap the skill button then swipe diagonally up.
  • These new skill moves require practice to perfect but can be very effective in creating scoring opportunities if executed properly. Be strategic in when and how you utilize them.

New Celebrations

  • Four new goal celebrations have also been added, such as:
  • Knee slide: Slide on your knees toward teammates or fans. Tap the celebration button then swipe up.
  • Backflip: Perform a single backflip. Tap the celebration button then swipe down.
  • Dance moves: Show off your dance skills with a short sequence. Tap the celebration button then swipe left or right.
  • Heart celebration: Form a heart shape with your hands. Tap the celebration button then swipe diagonally up.
  • Celebrate in style by using these new animations after you score, but be mindful not to overcelebrate, especially if you have a sizeable lead. Sportsmanship is important.

The additional skill moves and celebrations in FIFA Mobile Beta 24 provide more options for players to express themselves on the pitch. Master them to gain a competitive advantage and make the game more fun. Practice the timing and directional swiping to execute them properly during matches.

Player Ratings Revamped for FIFA Mobile BETA 24

Player ratings in FIFA Mobile BETA 24 have undergone an overhaul to make them more accurate and relevant. The ratings refresh aims to better represent players’ real-world performance and potential.

Updated Player Ratings

Player ratings in FIFA Mobile BETA 24 have been re-evaluated and updated based on players’ actual skills and stats from the previous season. Higher-performing players will see their ratings increase, while underperforming players will decrease. The best players in the game now have ratings that more closely match their world-class talent and ability.

Dynamic Player Ratings

In addition to the seasonal ratings refresh, FIFA Mobile BETA 24 introduces dynamic player ratings that update based on real-world performances. If a player is on a hot streak or goes through a slump, their in-game rating will change to reflect their current form. This makes the game feel more authentic and helps players stay engaged with the real sport.

balanced Ratings Approach

While the top players received well-deserved upgrades, the new ratings approach aims to achieve an equitable and balanced distribution across positions and leagues. No one league or position will be overly dominant based simply on ratings. The revamped ratings system considers a player’s skills, stats, and contributions relative to their position and league.

What Ratings Changes Mean for You

For players, the FIFA Mobile BETA 24 ratings refresh means your lineups may now perform differently. Some of your star players may have improved, while others decreased. You’ll need to evaluate how the ratings changes impact your team’s chemistry and make adjustments to personnel or formations as needed. The good news is, with dynamic player ratings, you’ll have new opportunities to gain or lose rating points over the course of the season based on real-world events.

The overhaul to the FIFA Mobile BETA 24 player ratings system aims to make the game more authentic, balanced, and fun. While change can be difficult, the ratings refresh helps ensure players of all abilities and positions have the opportunity to shine. Stay on top of the latest ratings changes and build a team that takes full advantage of the new dynamic player ratings.

Daily Objectives and Live Events Refreshed

FIFA Mobile’s latest update brings refreshed Daily Objectives and Live Events to keep you engaged and rewarded.

Daily Objectives

Daily Objectives provide new challenges and rewards each day you log in. Complete objectives like:

  • Win 3 versus Attack matches.
  • Complete 2 Skill Games.
  • Buy 1 Gold Player from the Transfer Market.

Finishing all Daily Objectives earns you bigger rewards like Tokens, Coins, XP and more. Check-in each day to see the refreshed objectives and claim your prizes.

Live Events

Live Events are limited-time events, usually 2-3 days, where you can earn extra rewards. When a Live Event is active, you’ll see it on the main menu. Live Events include:

  1. Skill Games – Put your skills to the test in different challenges like dribbling courses, shooting accuracy and more. Earn rewards each time you reach a new level.
  2. Matches – Play matches against various difficulty levels of AI opponents. Win matches to earn Tokens, Coins and other prizes.
  3. Community – Special Live Events around holidays and events where you work with other members of the FIFA Mobile community to reach collective goals. Everyone who participates earns rewards.
  4. Promos – Live Events tied to current Football promos and programs. Earn program-specific rewards and work towards completing larger milestones.

Live Events keep FIFA Mobile dynamic and exciting. Be on the lookout for new Live Events activating and complete them before they expire to earn the best rewards. Check the schedule in-game to see when the next Live Events will be available.

Daily Objectives and Live Events are two of the best ways to earn rewards in FIFA Mobile. Make completing them part of your daily gameplay to accelerate your progress, gain valuable resources and build the team of your dreams. Keep playing, training and participating in all the events and programs FIFA Mobile has to offer.

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New Legends and Icons Added to Ultimate Team

New Icons Added

FIFA Mobile Beta 24 introduces some of the biggest football legends as new Icons in Ultimate Team. Players can now add the likes of Pelé, Maradona, and Zidane to their squads.

Pelé (CF, 97 OVR)

Widely considered one of the greatest players of all time, Pelé joins Ultimate Team as a 97 OVR center forward Icon. With incredible dribbling, ball control, and finishing abilities, Pelé will be an elite attacking option for any squad. His finesse shots and skill moves will allow players to create opportunities out of nothing.

Diego Maradona (CAM, 97 OVR)

The legendary Argentinian playmaker Maradona also debuts as a 97 OVR Icon CAM. With sublime dribbling and passing skills, Maradona will be the perfect player to control the midfield and create chances for teammates. His tight ball control, quick turns, and through balls will carve open the tightest of defenses. Maradona’s chemistry links to other Icons and Argentinian players make him easy to link in any squad.

Zinedine Zidane (CM, 96 OVR)

The French football legend Zinedine Zidane joins Ultimate Team as a 96 OVR Icon CM. With exquisite technique, control, passing and skill moves, Zidane will be a maestro in midfield. His finesse dribbling and pinpoint through balls will slice through opponents and play teammates into dangerous areas. Zidane’s links to French players and other Icons make him a great addition to any midfield.

Adding these football legends to your Ultimate Team will transform your attack and help take your squad to the next level. Their combination of skills, stats and chemistry links establish them as some of the best players in the game. Players should take advantage of the opportunity to play with these historic icons before they leave packs.

FIFA Mobile BETA 24 FAQs: Answers to Your Top Questions

FIFA Mobile BETA 24 introduces several new features and improvements to the game. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the latest update.

When will FIFA Mobile BETA 24 launch?

  • FIFA Mobile BETA 24 launched on May 5th, 2024. All players should have received the update by May 10th. If you have not yet received the update, try manually updating the app on your device or check for updates in your device’s app store.

What new features are included in FIFA Mobile BETA 24?

  • New VS Attack Mode Seasons – VS Attack Mode matches now run in month-long seasons, with bigger rewards for reaching higher fan milestones. At the end of each season, you will receive rewards based on your final fan total.
  • New Icons Program – Complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) to earn Icon Points and redeem them for Icon Players like Pelé, Maradona, and Zidane. Icons have higher stats than most players and provide chemistry boosts.
  • New Career Mode – Play through 15 seasons as a pro footballer in this new single player mode. Build your player’s skills, compete to win titles, achieve milestones, and eventually become a legend. Career Mode provides a new way to play FIFA Mobile for those looking for an offline experience.

Will my team, level, and inventory carry over from previous versions?

  • Yes, all of your existing players, upgrades, FIFA Points, and other inventory will carry over to FIFA Mobile BETA 24. Your team, level, fans, and division will also remain intact. The update simply adds new features and content to the existing game.

How much storage space is required for the update?

  • FIFA Mobile BETA 24 requires approximately 1.5 GB of free storage space on your device. The total size of the app after updating will be around 3 GB. If you are low on storage, you may need to clear some space before you can download the update.

What devices will FIFA Mobile BETA 24 support?

  • FIFA Mobile BETA 24 will support most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The specific device requirements are:
  • Android: Android 5.0 Lollipop (or later)
  • iOS: iOS 12.0 (or later)
  • RAM: 2 GB (or more)
  • Free Storage: 3 GB (or more) available space

If your device does not meet these requirements, you may experience performance issues when playing FIFA Mobile BETA 24. It is recommended to play the game on a newer device if possible.


You now have an overview of the exciting new features and improvements in the latest FIFA Mobile BETA 24 update. The revamped graphics, player models, and stadiums provide an even more immersive experience for football fans and gamers alike. The additional game modes, weekly challenges, and rewards offer more ways to progress your team and stay engaged with the game. While still in beta testing, this update shows the potential for FIFA Mobile to become the preeminent mobile football simulation. If the final version builds upon the foundation of this release, FIFA Mobile may cement itself as a must-have for any self-proclaimed football aficionado or gaming enthusiast. The future of football gaming is here – are you ready to join the movement?

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