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Download Asphalt Urban Gt-2 for Android PPSSPP

Asphalt: Urban GT 2: is a racing video game developed and published by Gameloft for the NDS, N-Gage and PSP. version for mobile phones was also released. The game features a special appearance from The Pussycat Dolls, and a sample of Moby’s single.
Asphalt Urban GT-2 has many new features over the first game in the series. In GT 2, instead of buying a body for your car, and the body being permanent, you can now choose to revert your car back to stock appearance. There are many customization options, in the game as well. You can now choose rims, vinyls and neons for your car. You can freely select your car’s color now, instead of having to pay every time you changed your mind. The arcade mode has undergone considerable changes. You now race to win money (to smashing down your opponents and money on-track) to unlock more cars.
Download size (283mb) 
-Download all files required from link provided below
-Extract both the iso file(in .zip format)and the cheat using zArchiver into a specific folder.
-Allow installation from unknown source on your device.(to do that go to settings>security>unknown source)
-Install the ppsspp app and launch
-Setup your emulator with the best ppsspp settings.
-Locate the file from the folder you extracted it to.
-Load the game and enjoy!

The controls for this game are completely changeable. The player can customize the controls to his/her liking. The default controls are shown below.

  • Left dpad Right dpad: Steer left/right
  • A button: Accelerate
  • B button: Brake
  • Y button: Nitrous
  • X button: Nitrous
  • L button: Rear view mirror
  • R button: Nitrous
  • Start button: Pause
  • Select button: Change View

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